Deception Point


“Anyone who said power was not addictive had never really experienced it.”

The Deception Point. I only hope that I sound like a professional reviewing this book instead of a teenage fan-girl. Dan Brown masterfully plots the book, giving a possible glimpse of the world of politics as well as integrating science fiction to it (quite outstandingly). There is a perfect amount attributed for the rising action that keeps the readers on edge only to be even more taken aback as more twists unfold. The book constantly swivels the reader around with alarming  rate at the unexpected turning  of events. It is truly exceptionally written and a strong recommend for sci-fi, smart dialogue lovers.

The story revolves around numerous characters, switching back and forth to different perspectives. However, the main characters, at least what I think, can be divided into two major parties who are fighting with each other to take the place of the most powerful position, the presidency of the White House, the people stuck in between, and NASA (basically). Rachel Sexton, the daughter of a single candidate, is one of the people who are stuck in between. She undergoes the most incredible journey of her life, along with an oceanographer-celebrity Micheal Tolland, and scientist Corky. 
I never was a person for science fiction, (due to all the complex knowledge about), but Dan Brown made it capable for me to follow through and actually conveyed his imagination very well. There is much to expect from this book. Dont be deceived by the title. Im sure everyone, even the most accurate predictors, would never be able to foresee discovering the most shocking realization of all.