I never really liked adventure or fantasy books since I thought them unrealistic but J.K Rowling and Rick Riordan managed to change my views on them. In fact, they can serve as a form of escape from the ‘real world’ and allow you to imagine something out-of-this-world sometimes (quite literally). Kind of like Dystopian stories. And Eragon was one of them. Whenever I wanted to shut myself out from worries and problems, I would sort to reading this. Because, let’s face it, realistic books can make you even more depressed sometimes. You already know how there is ongoing war in this world in some places and how people die of disease often and how love doesn’t work sometimes and how frustrating the government is in your opinion. So a little bit of dragons and monsters and elves and dwarves wont hurt. 

    Eragon is basically about a young boy who is entrusted to unite the nation of Elves and Riders who had long been at war. He is fated to be found by a dragon egg which he decides to keep. (note how I said found by the egg and not found the egg) And from there many events start to unfold. The grand adventure begins where he discovers his purpose and a new kind of world one by one like a cavalcade. He learns powers he never thought existed or possessed. He stumbles upon underground places and unusual cities. This book had made me cry at one point. I applaud the author for the amazing world he formed. It is really a great book.