Drabble #4

He established himself as an atheist, and yet on occasional moments he glanced at the sky, he could not help thinking that the glorious way the white puffs, hiding behind the sun spreading its rays in all directions like strands of needles, could only be the work of an intelligent artist. It was much too beautiful, detailed, and…intentional to be Coincidence. 

If it was the work of nature, he wished Chaos would strike him as much. He wanted to be beautiful, detailed and intentional too.

A small bug crossing underneath him was almost squashed. He wondered what the world would look like in the eyes of the bug. Then thought about a giant, thousand times his size, walking on top of him and shuddered at the imagination. He supposed the streets and roads must have looked like an ant’s colony trails from the giant’s perspective.

He thanked the God (he did not believe in) that he was part of the biggest intelligent living species.

Other random thoughts included bodily functions. More specifically, his stomach. He often wondered how much of the food he ate had been digested in the stomach. He didnt like to contain any more if his stomach still felt full, even though he was hungry.  He liked the way the digestive system worked linearly. It was never much philosophy or hassle with the singular way substances came in and out of the body. The body understood life more than he did.

Apart from these, his head was empty most of the time. He learned to stop thinking of questions. He didnt want to run out of new ones when he looked at the same objects again and again, in his redundant life. His life had long been on replay, and he could only dare to see some tiny corner of it differently each time.


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