[Drabble 3]

He was overflowing with addiction. In this state, he could not think, but only act. He could not pause, but only go. He could not slow, but only speed up. He reduced to a state of impulsive and yielded to his greatest instinctive desires. He had effectively reduced the state to Animal, a level in which all humans have the privilege of possessing and more importantly, choosing. 

This animal threw the faculties of reason and optimized the use of its senses, which were already overused, like the kitchen rag festering with mold and bacteria.

Every pause was torture. Every thought was torture. He could only allow himself to the basics of feeling, breathing, smelling, seeing, and munching away at the precious time that was assigned to him, wasting the present for the future.

At the back of his mind, he knew he was to regret. That was the last hope and saving grace his Reason weakly offered him. A futile attempt to stop himself of the Overdrive. But the shred of Regret-the knowledge of it-only fueled his desire to ruin himself more and willingly plunge deeper into the abyss of Addiction.

After all, Addiction was stronger in the last remaining moments of turning back, as though giving you all the more expectation that its benefit will be worth the loss.


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