[Drabble 2]

Gradually, he tried to condition himself to becoming Normal. The very word had left a feeling of distaste in his mouth before, but now he willingly embraced it. 

He finally realized there was not much difference between normality and sanity. Normal wasnt an absence of sanity, it was a wholly essential constituent of it. He finally realized normality composed of insanity. Without being insane, you couldnt be normal and that was the breaking point to his rebellion against Normal-ness.

Now, he did not quite have to swat of the flies of Delirium as it approached and swarmed about him. They were normal components of Life.

Now, when the familiar chaos set in apprehensively in his heart, he no longer latched onto the first thing that served as a tool for distraction to escape from it. It was normal, everything was normal.

He could feel losing himself to normality, and that just made him all the more insane.



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