Plays by G.B.S

Includes Man and Superman, Arms and the Man, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Candida


This book was lent to me by one of a close family friend. Tagging along with my parents, I was at their place for a christian sermon event. Mr– was a very kind man, a person of vigorous intellect and respectable position. As a fellow book fan, he found me reading at the couch in the corner and kindly brought me to his house library to recommend me some books.

I have never read a book in the form of a play before. The last time I had was at school, when reading Macbeth or Merchant of Venice was mandatory. To be frank, I was a little skeptical initially.

But the tasteful and witty character of Vivie got my immediate attention.

The character of Vivie was so marked with a moral uprightness and charm that she immediately rose to the status of being an unforgettable figure. Unabashed as she is in facing the toils of life head on, she is forgiving and graceful. She is loving, yet hard on her mother who coaxes her to join her in her work. She is kind and compliant, yet is as clear cut in her rejection of men who asks for her hand. She is gentle as she is ruthless.

And whatever decision she made, she made with such convincing force I found myself admiring her and rooting for her unhesitatingly.

And like the rest of the characters in the other stories, it seems the author is fond of portraying unconventional women, who dont think the way they are ‘supposed’ to, with a streak of character that extends beyond mere love of finery or propriety.

In fact, all of the characters behave ‘unpredictably’, which makes their dialogues so much more alive and sparkling with attitude. They are overflowing with their own distinguished personality that it feels almost as if they are defying the author’s vision of them, and thinking on their own, refusing to be limited by the author’s vision.

This book is definitely a must read.






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