The Shallows

With two flailing arms, a child splashes salty water, enamored at watching the droplets sparkling under the sun. His two feet sticking out under his donut shaped tube wade swiftly and ferociously, slicing through the current of water.

Another, more older-looking boy, plays tag with the receding and creeping wave, running back the moment as soon as the water springs forward and stretches.

A crowd of people, many of whom are young lovers fresh from a new romance, are gathered at the edges of the jagged water outlines.

A small clump of older people walking sluggishly about, marks ideal places to settle and sunbathe.

Many are seen to be doing different things simultaneously. But one common and striking aspect is that no one goes over the borders, an area that is more than 10 feet deep, where the sand doesn’t touch the sun light.

Everyone prefers to stay within the shallows, the confined limits people are comfortable with.

And they miss all the mysterious wonders lurking at the deepest depths of the ocean.

Arent people like the beach?

So many only go so far with a person, comfortable with speaking at the shallows. So many take things at face value, literally.

No one dares to go beyond that border of skin and bones, uncertain of what one may find.

Perhaps it’s time for us to look over the vast horizon once in a while, ponder about the multitude of splendid yet daunting possibilities, and dare to break the barrier.

Let’s no longer play in the shallows when exploring another person, and dare to understand the kaleidoscope of enigma a human is.

In response to Beach


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