Is there such thing as

Man lives life according to his own solution of it.

Tolstoy mentions,

A bee settling on a flower has stung a child. And the child is afraid of bees and declares that bees exist to sting people. A poet admires the bee sucking from the chalice of a flower and says it exists to suck the fragrance of flowers. A beekeeper, seeing the bee collect pollen from flowers and carry it to the hive, says that it exists to gather honey. Another beekeeper who has studied the life of the hive more closely says that the bee gathers pollen dust to feed the young bees and rear a queen, and that it exists to perpetuate its race. A botanist notices that the bee flying with the pollen of a male flower to a pistil fertilizes the latter, and sees in this the purpose of the bee’s existence. Another, observing the migration of plants, notices that the bee helps in this work, and may say that in this lies the purpose of the bee. But the ultimate purpose of the bee is not exhausted by the first, the second, or any of the processes the human mind can discern.

As seen from his words above, people do not have the same interpretations seeing the same kind of phenomena—in this excerpt, Tolystoy observed that bees exist for various causes according to each individual’s knowledge and experience of it.

Ive noticed, for example, one might find education to be most important as the root of evolution, while another (perhaps an engineer) might find that having a solid institution paves the true way of civilization or sustainable environment.

A politician may argue that none of a country’s growth might be possible without first allocation of resources, proper functioning government, eradication of social inequality, or alliances with other countries.

A priest might believe that it is everyone’s priority mission to evangelize or convert everyone to believe and find refuge in a God.

Another may argue that citizens’ happiness depends upon not the government, nor the physical structures, nor religion, but a deep-rooted culture that makes it colorfully apart from the rest.

Even a hotel manager might find it utmost importance to devote his life in building places where one may find rest and relaxation, just as a casino owner might see it necessary to offer some entertainment or pleasure in this world.

This sense of duty is no different from a comedian or singer who believes the world will do much better with a dose of humor or spreading powerful universal message through music.

Each person does what they think needs to be done, and so is bound to face opposition from one side or another.

And the question: Then in a world where each individual have different beliefs on what is most right and most necessary, is there a specific nature of problem in need of so dire attention that everyone should work to attend to?

Or is it the case where each body part believes that it is most important, only to realize that none would function properly without the other?

This thought struck me while hearing of many diverse opinions on a topic. Some I agreed with my whole heart, while others I found so incredulous if it was possible for anyone to think of it that way.

Where there is reason, no matter how much I personally could not agree, there is a new unheard of side in the other end, feeling as righteous and firm as I am—one such grievous example is in the choice between Team Captain America or Team Iron man in the epic battle shown in Civil War.

If there is really a true objective right way to think and do, then is there a way to know? In a world where there will always be opposition to a side, is there really a right method?

Well perhaps that is why Einstein saw the need to say,

 “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


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