Tribute to the subway man

This country that I live in isn’t a place where I  witness many interesting scenes. People dont holler, dont shoplift, dont small talk, dont flashmob, and basically do what they’re supposed to, like many other people in the world (at least from what Ive observed from).

It’s fairly quiet, conservative, and sensible, nobody really minding other people’s business, and no one really wanting to.

So it came as a surprise when I saw the subway man.

As usual, I was on my way out of town. I had no car and so had to commute by riding the subway.

Midway the ride, a man who looked like he was in his 20s entered and sat on a seat beside me.

While staring at the view for a while, I realized there was a faint sound of music playing.

At first I thought it was from the vehicle, but then subways dont play music, especially rock bands.

So I looked to my left and saw the source was from his phone.

It seemed he was getting quite comfortable as he turned the volume on and started humming louder, bobbing his head and earning stares from people sitting across our side.

At first people seemed baffled and then stared, which was usually a warning sign enough to have someone realize they’re getting attention and to stop what they’re doing.

But he didnt. Either he was a self-assured man who didnt really give a care how he looked, or he was so into the music he didnt realize.

As for me, I suppressed an unknown urge to laugh, finding the whole situation ridiculous; him, looking into space absentmindedly humming, while everyone shooting daggers at him.

I havent seen many people who would be either so brave enough to dare breach that social code of disrupting the ordinary and mundane flow of the town, or lacking in awareness of the surrounding looks and stares.

I was envious  at his carefree countenance and disposition, and the way he seemed to view the world which to him might have been just a place to blissfully enjoy his music to himself.

Still now, I wonder what was going on his head to make him so completely out of reality, and reflected on the power of music.


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