Santa too.

“Ho Ho Ho. Merry Christmas little ones!” Santa said, as he handed over his last gift to the little young boy.

All the little children were smiling brightly as they marveled over the gifts Santa left for them.

And like every year, the kids gathered around Santa to listen to his fascinating stories that everyone loved.

Everyone loved Santa.

Then Santa went home.

After a long day, he flopped down on his armchair and sighed. Then he proceeded to take off his pointy red hat and thick red garments.

He looked at his face in front of the bathroom mirror and saw that he had more wrinkles on his forehead. Then looked down and grimaced at his bulging belly, that seemed to have added more fat.

His wife came up to him with a box of bandages and ointments. She bent down and applied them on the blisters and frostbites on his feet and legs.

“It’s gotten more serious. Why dont we go to the hospital?” She asked.

“Nonsense.” He replied.

And that was it. She wanted to mention the already delayed bills, but saw how tired he looked and decided to put it off for another day.

After changing into his night gown, he thought of his mother and father who had died a long time ago, and fell asleep with no dreams.

Make sure to appreciate the people who give you joy, because they might be having the hardest time.

In response to Mask