To You Who Left

To those who have left a mark on my life but left,

First, thank you. Thank you for entering my life and even though your existence was never permanently here, I am sure that all the memories would last lifelong.

Thank you for making me realize new things through your thoughts and words, especially in reflecting my own flaws and weaknesses through your eyes.

I never fancy the thought of severing ties or cutting it cleanly (even if I may seem distant) since I get so easily attached, so I am hoping and sometimes even dreaming of another encounter with you. (even though in my head I know it might never happen).

If we left on bitter terms, I hope that you would be able to forgive me and forget, like a Taylor Swift song but perhaps not always with rosy cheeks or in the sunset, you’ll remember the best bits of the few fading memories we had together.

If you had done me any wrong, I want to say that it doesnt matter now, and the best kind of revenge would be showing me that you’re happy and enjoying life to the fullest.

If ever we do cross paths again, I hope we can meet with a better version of ourselves, and perhaps then we would not let go of the connection that fate once had separated us of.


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