There were once two brothers, the younger who liked to run and race.

They were poor and always out to beg in the streets.

One day, the older brother noticed something in the dirty boots of his younger brother as he was running.

The next day he took them and wore it for himself, exchanging it with his own tattered slippers.

Seeing this, the younger brother got angry and they fought, but the older did not give his shoes back. The younger one did not like how he could not run so fast with slippers that were exchanged.

On a hot sunny day, the two went out to beg in the streets.

As they passed by a store, they accidentally stepped on broken pieces of glass littered on the streets.

The younger brother was unharmed but he noticed a dark red stain under the feet of his older brother.

He realized that the boots had no soles, protecting his feet from harm.

“With slippers you run slower, but with these boots, you will not be able to run at all,” his older brother said.

I just thought of this story thinking about the kind of sacrifices we take for granted.

Sometimes, a parent or sibling might not be able to give you the best things in this world, but they try to keep you from the worst, even if they need to suffer for it.




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