At odd hours of the day, just when the backyard was saturated by an ethereal vintage element of the sunset, the mind captured this seemingly insignificant scene for future memory, as in those films that portray trivial angles which evoke most reminiscent of thoughts, probing deep into human psyche.

At this insignificant hour, when time has become a standstill, a question flashes by, and it was the kind of question which for a moment sends one to lose every detail about oneself, such as the path one has been treading, the occasional self entitled identity one has been wearing, and even all the worries one has been carrying.

And so this question settles, immovable and stubbornly fixed.

If I could choose to be born again with the life I have lived until now, would I?

If the importance and worth of life were considered, it would seem to one that the obvious choice would be Yes. After all, it is a great fortune and privilege to be breathed life into body, to have the power to dream and experience. Compared to the myriad of people wishing to live longer with death by their bedside, it would almost seem offensive to some not to wish to be born again.

Equipped with a simplistic view, one can simply weigh the joy, happiness, or pleasurable aspects of their lives with the suffering, pain, loss, and grief moments, and make it simply a matter of which outweighs.

However, it still remains a conundrum to choose not to be the victor of the race upon conception among millions of possibilities, given that one has experienced much more joyful moments than sad ones, compelling to formulate another question, then why still not choose? Would the most successful known lives, glorified as legends bestowed on earth, choose to be live the same life, given the chance?

Although no one might ever know, it would seem too hasty of a decision to assume the former, simply for the appearance that their lives were much more fruitful, inspiring, or worthy of emulating.

If narrowed to a single perspective first, a widespread, brashly common quote rings in my mind:

What you wont know wont hurt you.

If one has never known life, perhaps that would be the greatest gift, or the most tragic curse, that could ever be imprinted on the history of souls, in potentiality or in actuality.


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