Little Women

Little Women


Little Women is by far the most cake-like book I’ve ever read. To put it bluntly, I strongly recommend the readers to stow away the abridged version and settle down with the complete one. I say this because as I was reading, each chapter left a sweet and fuzzy feeling in my stomach that made me want more. I enjoyed it to a great degree not only because I may have a slight predilection for old-fasioned books which have characters who speak with decorum and (ever so) posh, but also because of the story which had depths in increments itself.

Revolving around the lives of the March family, the setting hints an idyllic ambience, which in my opinion accentuates the close knitted family’s happiness and love for each other. It is told in the perspective of four strong-willed siblings, occasionally with the augmentation of their mother, with various outlooks in life (and even love). Each of them (namely motherly Meg, pragmatic Jo, lovely Amy, and shy Beth) has their own charms, strengths, and weaknesses, but they are all very much united in the ideals and morals their apotheosis of a mother has shown to them of whom they strive to be like. When separated, their inviduality shines as they learn to mature, but when united they work in perfect concord and harmony that makes them shine even brighter.

As a woman myself, Im very glad I read this because I found myself being able to relate to each of the characters. For example, I could relate my desire to be refined with Meg’s, the down-to-earh part of Jo, the sometimes too indulgent side of Amy, and the quiet, diffident aspect of Beth. Being abe to relate allowed me to assimilate in each of their stories: the pain, the joy, and the sadness. How they acted when faced with a challenge inspired me to face my own with grace and dignity as well. This book serves to be a stronghold of coming of age, maturity, and womanhood to me even up to this day.


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